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Experienced Probate Guidance For Florida Estates

“Probate.” There is something about that word that just seems menacing. It certainly doesn’t help that most people only hear the word while hearing a story about an estate being tangled in a messy web of legal requirements and processes. The good news is that an experienced attorney can take the fear and complication out of the probate process and help you reach the estate administration finish line.

At The Pyfrom Law Firm, we represent executors, personal representatives, heirs and beneficiaries in all issues relating to probate, including will contests and probate litigation. From our location in West Palm Beach, we serve individuals and families throughout Florida as well as out-of-state relatives who need help managing probate issues in Florida.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process that takes place to ensure an estate’s bills are paid and assets are legally transferred from the estate to the beneficiaries and heirs. Everything from filing tax returns, changing deeds and physically delivering property can take place during the probate process.

Probate Is Not Always Necessary

We are led by an attorney – Juan A. Pyfrom – who truly enjoys helping clients with issues such as estate planning and elder law. Helping people tackle these issues and find peace of mind is very fulfilling for him. He has found that proper planning on the front end can help most clients avoid the need for their estates to go through probate. This can save time and money while making things easier on the loved ones you leave behind. Learn more about our estate planning and elder law services.

Do Not Take On Probate Alone

Experienced guidance can make all the difference in a Florida probate case. Call 561-808-2437 to schedule a consultation. We can take care of the legal and financial issues so you can focus on what matters most. We practice throughout Martin, Broward and Palm Beach counties.