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Securing The Full Veteran’s Benefits You Deserve

Veterans benefits and laws can be challenging to navigate. At The Pyfrom Law Firm, our West Palm Beach law firm understands the importance of incorporating veteran’s benefits planning into estate and long-term planning in Florida. After serving nine years on active duty in the United States Army, Juan A. Pyfrom is passionate about working with veterans and their families to maximize the benefits available to improve their lives.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Veterans Benefits?

Our attorneys can assist with the veteran’s benefits application process. Meeting the service requirements and medical eligibility may not be enough to qualify for benefits if you own too many assets. Working with an experienced Veteran law attorney can navigate your application and qualifications by moving your assets into a trust. Be cautious of some of the actions taken to qualify for VA benefits, as it may create a penalty period or disqualify you from other benefits like Medicaid. We can help you coordinate your VA benefits and understand how the veteran laws can affect you.

In general, you are eligible if you served in the active military, naval or air force services and did not receive a dishonorable discharge. Veterans who served during war-time are also eligible. Our attorneys can help you determine if your service qualifies and makes sure you do not leave any benefits on the table.

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